African Street Style (London)

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African Street Style (Festival) London provides a platform for the presentation of the creative influence of African diaspora. We utilise our keen interest in culture and identity, the contemporary diversity of urban living, and how these factors may be reflected through artistic forms.

Our work specifically aims to utilise non-traditional settings, and present actions which both celebrate and inform the considerations of our public spaces, highlighting the role of the creative arts in improving the relationship between people, and place. 


African Street Style present ‘Progress’ an insightful, multi-faceted project that combines the creative arts, with historical archive to reflect thoughts and experiences of post-colonial legacy. A programme of sensitive, considered and new material will reflects periods of social and political significance, specifying the experiences of the African diaspora, and contextualising the challenges and preoccupations of displeasure and resilience that the diaspora have been facing on their journey outside the continent.

Working alongside Decolonising the Archive, this short film features interviews with the public and academics.. commissions by dancers.. new music, poetry..the full film will be projected as a visual arts installation, across the iconic Windrush Square, located in Brixton, London on the 18th and 19th October, contributing to the city’s Black History Month programme.

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Adriano Oliveira invites us to join him on a journey of dance and expression. Adriano will draw on echoes of military rule, and constraint, to inspire movements of beauty and freedom.

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Project development is always an ongoing process at Street Style. Please get in touch through email for further information.